About Us

MandaLynn Creations was founded by Amanda Parker in 2018. Amanda was raised a north-easterner (proud Jersey girl) and settled down in Athens, GA in 2021 with her family. Her husband, Dustin, has always been a huge supporter of her pursuit of entrepreneurship and encourages Amanda to go bigger! Eva, her 11 year old, is following right in mommy’s footsteps and loves all things creative! They often sit down together to brainstorm the next big thing! Lyla and Hayden, 8 year old twins, know how to keep the family laughing and certainly on their toes.

Amanda believes you should find opportunities to live out your best life each and every day. That is exactly how MLC  was started. She often looks at items and thinks “how can I make this, and better yet, how can I make it better?” Her best life is revolved around faith, family, friends and all things creative! Amanda loves sharing her creativity with others and nothing excites her more than to see her clients rocking the brand.

The company believes that great style should not come at the sacrifice of comfort. The jewelry is all super lightweight and made of the highest tarnish resistant materials. We want you to be able to cherish these pieces for many years, therefore the upmost attention is paid to quality. Each piece is designed with the consideration of how you will feel wearing it. We want that shirt to remind you of what goals you are going after, to bring a smile to your face, to be a conversation starter. Your jewelry to pull out extra confidence and maybe even a little sass! All this while making a statement that reflects your style. We want you to live your best life.